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  1. ChuT3


    Hi everyone.are there any Game Masters in Lineage 2? Why do i ask? Because i am reporting on the Support Page of the game with tickets every time i can see a "train" of BOTS, but i don´t think devs are making any ban... so maybe if i can contact in game GM they can ban them.
  2. ChuT3


    Hi again, for anyone that enters this topic, i found all game quests present. you have to open the map in game, then click in "World Info", then go to "Quest Info" and finally click in "All Quests". AND THERE YOU GO, EVERY QUEST IN THE LINEAGE 2 CLASSIC... PD: i hoped to find more but thats it.
  3. ChuT3


    Hi everyone, maybe there is already a post of this but i cant find it, so here is my question. Is there any list of the quests? i recently finished the quest of the 500 in Death Pass and i'm 37 and there is no more quests, so i have to wait until lvl 40?
  4. I just wanted to ask why the game has changed so much in the past 2 years, i mean for what reason do we have a live server +300% and a classic server that went backwards in time? I am asking because i left the game 4 years ago and just don't understand the situation. PD: is still a good game to invest?
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