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  1. Waiting Room

    Game servers will be down for Live maintenance and Class launch (hype!) beginning Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at 4am PDT / 1200 GMT+1 and ending at approximately 8:30am PDT / 1730 GMT+1. Estimated downtime is 4.5 hours.
  2. Waiting Room

  3. Waiting Room

  4. L2 Blah is back!

    Who are you? Lol looks like I've got a fan club.
  5. Global discord for L2CLASSIC

    It's nice that you made your own Discord server. I'm glad you did and I support it! But please don't slander our discord or our members. We were there long before you and have built up a nice community, and they don't deserve your bad labels.
  6. You think you want true Classic, but you don't.
  7. You might be unaware..

    Had to correct myself. Seen a lot of growth - many returning players reunited on our server.
  8. This is important. Daily events will be highly diminished if NA players cannot participate due to the server timezone. Lineage 2 crowd is older now, most of us are working during the day. These events should be held at an appropriate time for everyone to be a part of. Supporting the NA region means having the appropriate timezone for NA players to be present and participate. Otherwise, you're handing out control of these highly sought after raids and events to another region of players.
  9. You might be unaware..

    Appreciate all of ya
  10. Hey Folks, Some of you may be unaware that there is a dedicated subreddit for Lineage 2. It is a small but growing community, and another place where L2 players go to discuss all versions of the game. This community was built by players for players! Check out r/Lineage2 and subscribe to be a part of our community! We also have one of the most active Lineage 2 Discord Servers. Click here to join!
  11. Classic comes with it's own set of events, I doubt we'll be seeing any of the older events you mentioned.
  12. Seriously? You're asking for an NA server to have EU timezones so that EU players can play "comfortably". This is so inconsiderate, especially because EU has had their own Classic server for YEARS now. Just don't be ridiculous, -4 is a compromise.
  13. +1 NA server needs NA timezones. EU already has their server with their own timezones.
  14. PETITION: Make Giran GMT -6

    +1 NA server needs NA timezones. EU already has their server with their own timezones. This is not a difficult concept.