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  1. Skill Enchant Routes

    Hello everyone, I have recently started to play L2 again, after a LONG period of time and I have a few questions about enchanting some of my skills. I'm an ISS Hierophant, level 105 and I'm interested to improve on my PVE playstyle. I would like to start enchanting some of my skills and I think the best starting point would be with the debuffs. Let's discuss about Crippling attack / Assault Crash which have the same enchant route options: +Power (for +1 adds 1% to the skill Power) a) for example the Crippling attack states that it attacks target with 29681 Power added to P.Attack. Adding +1 means that now you will attack the target with 29978? b) when enchanting to +2, I assume it adds +1% more Power, but how it's being calculated? Is it 29681+2%=30275 Power, or 29681+1%(29978)+1%=30278 Power? c) basically by choosing this route you will only increase the initial single damage produced by the skill, as in summing up my P.Attack with the Power of the skill? +Break (for +1 increases Power of ignoring target's P.Def by 1%) a) when enchanting to +1, does it mean that the initial damage produced by using the skill will be greater, since the target has P.Def lowered by 1%? b) does the lowered P.Def effect also apply for the entire period of skill effect? I mean for all the other party members who are dealing physical damage, will they also have increased damage while the debuff is active due to the target's lower P.Def? +Chance (for +1 increases skill success rate +1%) a) this means I will have better chances to land my debuff? For PVE purposes, I noticed that both skills land successfully on the majority of time on regular mobs. No clue about raids however. b) I'm assuming this route is more suitable for PVP purposes? Last but not least, what is the upper limit for enchanting your skills? Still +20? Thank you very much for taking the time and interest on this topic!