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  1. No A grade paulina's Eequipment at 61 now ?

    Thanks for the replies, not sure I want to struggle with c grade to 76 on my warcryer since casting is painfully slow with the Yaksa mace. I was just trying to make an ISS for kartia parties due to 20 min wait times to find healer & ISS lately.
  2. No A grade paulina's Eequipment at 61 now ?

    I did not get any quest after I turned in the 200 & my level jumped from 59 to 62 and npc quests are greyed out now. I think the xp boost for this event was too much for this quest and by the time I killed the 200 & turned it in, I got screwed out of the Paulina's set by turning 62. I let mob kill me a few times to drop to 61 but I stay at level 62 & 0%
  3. After 2 hours of trying to kill 200 mob in Foresaken Plains, (20+ ertheia class Bots made it tough to get a kill) and turning in quest there no longer is a A grade Paulina's set reward ? I restarted client as I thought it was a bug/glitch, but nothing. Returning to the npc just says I completed the quest.