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  1. Hello, When I try to create a new account I get message; Account Creation Failed. aYou are not authorized to create an account. Any advice?
  2. Macro DD-Support

    Hello, May I ask for the same thing? Need some info how to setup a buff/ auto attack macro. I"ll send you my disco nick on pw.
  3. 7 Accounts? WTF?

    How do u loging 7 accounts? Launcher lets you add 5. When you create 6th account it tells you: Account Creation Failed. You are not authorized to create an account.
  4. 7 Accounts? WTF?

    Yeah, Any official info how many account can u play on one PC?
  5. Can't play after update

    Hello PhoenixMitra, So the update will finish ca 6:15 pm GMT+1?
  6. Hello, When I start the game via luncher i get this message: "The client will be closed" and the client shuts down. Any info?