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  1. Baium event

    @Juji And you can see in me screenshot there was say at start you get 2 Dices in baium event. I see now its deleted. But from Hunting you get only 8 Dices total. 1lvl and 2lvl give one diece. and yes in baium event teleport only one person not all party.
  2. Baium event

    Hello, how get 2 regular dices from baium event? its write but no explaining.. and you dont get them after event. https://prnt.sc/s8v57n
  3. Agathion soulstone

    @Juji maybe you can inquire when and waht item its will be?
  4. Agathion soulstone

    with what item its will be changed? @Juji
  5. Agathion soulstone

    Hi, cant find where use agathion soulstone? https://prnt.sc/s85k5x
  6. apeal ticket

    Hello, why ticket to appeals team takes so long to answer? @Juji @Hime
  7. Dances

    delay 1 sems help, lets see over night. ty
  8. Dances

    its disabled. all low performance.
  9. Dances

    Hello, when I leave afk dances exaple with 5 dances and after a wile start dancing not all dances its can be 3 dances 4 dances... in same spot, full mana duo in pt. Its bug or what? @Juji @Hime