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  1. Good Morning. For me it could be only 1 client that matters to me and that I would like to be logged in with my 3 clients in Chronos and do not interfere with classic, la in classic I could log in my client without having to move a client of Chronos because at the moment I want to stop at Chronos totally nobody knows what the classic will look like. ( Sorry for my bad english )
  2. thank you very much for the attention. it would be nice if I could log 3 chares on each server, because I and how many will want to play and test the classic without stopping doing your things in Chronos / Naia
  3. this I want to know if when I am connected with 3 chars in chronos, if I am going to be able to connect in classic, some adm / gm can answer please
  4. Good afternoon I would like to know if I was logged into the Chronos server with 3 Box I'm going to be able to log 3 box no classic server or not? Thanks you
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