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  1. Priceless !!!!!!! Bot game with update that benifit BOT/ADENA sellers lol NCSOFT you are the best keep the good work i guess bot are owned By Ncsoft to make money out of this false classic lineage ...
  2. Nothing special here player probably use 2 or more box to buy cheap candy (between 1k to 2k each) at gludio,gludin or whatever town then sell it for twice the price at mayor city probably some will end over thousand of it lol ...
  3. No they aren´t ... at a point playing bounty hunter is totaly useless ,spoiling lots of AOE party out of 100 mobs each wave got maybe 2 or 3 spoil with luck sometimes a full wave give me nothing at all ! (even when some of the mobs, like Ant for exemple are supose to give 70 % chance suede lol)
  4. If you play lineage 2 classic expecting full drop better Quit lol ,killing over 5k Bugbear warrior and of course I got nothing ,and I didn't expect anything anyway ,it's how I remenber Lineage 2 back in 2004 !
  5. VIP 4 300 people + on queue list for talking island ... Time to ask for a refound and delete that account once done !
  6. Curious about where are you farming and what kind of mobs .... I'm way far of that rate ....
  7. You miss the new items in L2store that's all that matters !
  8. Also I was wondering if the drop of silver coin isn't broke also because I play a full week lots of time every day and only have the amazing number of 31 .... so lets say free player complain about it but so far for the VIP player it's kind of useless ....
  9. Greating NCSOFT lol free players can't play this october 3 now because you fail at fixing it they also have to wait 7 day more rofl not sure about that hapening ....
  10. Maybe one of the few mob not broke didn't kill lireins but in ruin of agony /despair , Abandoned camp almost nothing playing all day long ...
  11. If they don't care about it they should remove Dwarf race from game totaly useless
  12. How on earth they don't even speak about how the spoil system is broke? It's simple GM or DEV log a toon spoil any mob for 1 hour and with luck you will get 1 or 2 spoil of 100 attempt . Today I play 5 Hours and got 2 item from spoil (2 x thread) and i think I spoiled over 500 mobs .... It's so worst than normal drops are giving way much materials than spoil system lol ...
  13. Nothing about the spoil system complety broke ?? ok goodbye as my main is a dwarf ... also be sure I ask for refound that a scam !
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