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  1. 7hs in Q 1300 ppl in front 7 days wasted, i quit
  2. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    whit the 5 second "bug", i login in like 3-4 tries, now i am stuck in Q for 7hs and still have 1300 ppl in line the fix make it worse
  3. Golden treasure chests.

    the only good thing in the g.box are the scroll of escape to ( insert localitation here) and the Scroll of Invisibility but, now Gk are free so only Scroll of Invisibility are worth skill scroll like Scroll of Platonic Tempest are s**** so prefer a nice fresh mackerel https://l2wiki.com/classic/Golden_Treasure_Chest#Open Box
  4. pick 1 -new server and free tranfer -disable dualbox -end the raid boss event -auctioneer -make fishin manually ---------------------------------------- 6k server= 2000 afk( fishing/raid event/sellers) 2k box, 2k of real players

    cargo box dont exist in classic
  6. Please nerf fishing ASAP!

    the problen is the dual box, not the fishing system go to EG and see with your eyes, vips with +7 box in train partys, tons of afk peoples dancing in citys, go to Ruin of agony/despair, 200+ afk player waithing for he raid event the fishing system is good for people with need lvl but dont have a tons of hour to play
  7. Clan Español busca gente

    Hola ¿que servidor?
  8. every MOB with a chance to drop a top NG and Low D grade weapon are bugged, Bug or intended
  9. No spoil/drop/adena rate fix oh boy another week for fishing
  10. so tomorrow the adena drop rate will be the same x0,25%? and not fixed? that's all folks, the SV is dead
  11. look this sh**t https://l2wiki.com/classic/Dark_Succubus ADENA: 0,25-0,33% rate
  12. the problem here is the vips AFK dancing in cities, AFK sellers, AFK fishing BOTS and AFK back players 2/3 of the game are afk people dualbox kill the game
  13. is simple VIP = x1 exp and x1 drop rate free= 0.75 exp and 0,25 drop rate pay to win or get stuck
  14. Dualbox, pet wolf and more

    i think 1/3 of the server are afk in cities,afk buffers, sellers and fishing afk
  15. New Lineage II Classic Server: Aden

    please make free Server Transfer from TI to Aden sv