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  1. what we gonna do with Seal of Courage? crafting points?
  2. hahaha the "rewards" are a complete mess
  3. Title. after the maintenance i opened 24 boxes (wed-sat) and get 0 blueprint. i have bad luck or the box are bug?
  4. free gear. so 2%/hr is normal until I get higher wpn / arm and start killing even faster
  5. yesterday i tried to complete a cruma subjugation quest for the antharas doll and in 5hs of no stop killing mob i barely gained 10% of subjugation point (1hs in hot hour pointS) i dont know what i doing wrong,some say to me that they gain 40% in 2 hs, other that they make 2 quest in 1 day. can someone explain to me what appen sylph lvl 67, i kill 1 cruma mob in 5 hit ( 6-7 sec)
  6. whit the 5 second "bug", i login in like 3-4 tries, now i am stuck in Q for 7hs and still have 1300 ppl in line the fix make it worse
  7. the only good thing in the g.box are the scroll of escape to ( insert localitation here) and the Scroll of Invisibility but, now Gk are free so only Scroll of Invisibility are worth skill scroll like Scroll of Platonic Tempest are s**** so prefer a nice fresh mackerel https://l2wiki.com/classic/Golden_Treasure_Chest#Open Box
  8. pick 1 -new server and free tranfer -disable dualbox -end the raid boss event -auctioneer -make fishin manually ---------------------------------------- 6k server= 2000 afk( fishing/raid event/sellers) 2k box, 2k of real players
  9. cargo box dont exist in classic
  10. the problen is the dual box, not the fishing system go to EG and see with your eyes, vips with +7 box in train partys, tons of afk peoples dancing in citys, go to Ruin of agony/despair, 200+ afk player waithing for he raid event the fishing system is good for people with need lvl but dont have a tons of hour to play
  11. every MOB with a chance to drop a top NG and Low D grade weapon are bugged, Bug or intended
  12. No spoil/drop/adena rate fix oh boy another week for fishing
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