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  1. @Juji so, now ppl cant restore weapons anymore in any case?
  2. But with rates like that, u give a huge advantage for who buy adena from this suppliers. Ppl cant even affords SS bro. Yes, these sellers will always be there, but they impact will be less with high ammounts of drop, cause ppl will feel unnecessary to buy. Different from now that ppl cant buy SS or a new weapon to grind lvl30+
  3. Another problem that nobody said: one more week with this adena rate, one more week of adena sellers getting rich
  4. Fix the adena issue THIS MAINTENANCE! Dont delay it one more week or ppl will start quit. There's no logic behind a lvl 35 mobs droping the same adena that a lvl 20. U dont need to investigate, just use the logic and fix it today.
  5. Please, fix this adena that cant even afford the SS spent on the mob high levels.
  6. Well, since you have skills, mechanics and stuff that did not exist at that time, that's not a C1 based... C1 based was a server that everything is identical to that time, except the graphics and some stuff like Macro, automatic soulshots and things that dont influence in real gameplay. Here we have a lot of skills, armors, mobs, quests that doesnt exist on real C1... then, this is a "new" version of the game, called Classic. So we cant compare it to the old and good C1/c2
  7. Bro, this classic is not the same thing that C1 was. But yes, this adena amount is sucking! With this spiritshot quest bug then, a big messy for mages... lvl 22+ mobs cant even pay for the spiritshot bought from npc. Need some readjustment
  8. 1k blessed wont compensate this whole time lost grinding without shots... They have to put a NPC trading 1-1 (1 novice soulshot for 1 novice spiritshot or even blessed) and give for all the mages some empower scrolls and acumen. Then we can grind back the lost time
  9. Thanks for the answer. But there's no way that u can make something for us BEFORE next week? Like today or tomorrow? I mean, fighters got their SS normally, and the mages not. This is just breaking the balance in game... If the DEV team found the problem today, the fix come in the same time or just next week too? How works? Just come in game and make yourself the manual trade for now then, at least u can help some mages progress, lol
  10. https://clips.twitch.tv/InspiringEnjoyableGoldfishCoolCat @Juji are u serious about this? The problem with spiritshot is very serious! Mages are not progressing like the rest of the classes... This fix will come only next week??? Its a simple problem to solve! Just put a npc exchaning novice SS for spiritshot novice and done for now! The quest that takes some more time (lol) u can fix only next week. BUT THE MAGES NEED THE 2.1K SPIRITSHOTS THAT THEY HAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE! Are u guys forcing us to buy SSNG from l2shop or just give up from the class mage. Or leave the game etc etc Plea
  11. Did u speak with Arkenia before go? (Altar of Rite)
  12. So, i finished the first part of the quest and choose to receive Spiritshots... but I got Soulshots. There some way to make a npc to trade the novice soulshots for spiritshots? I rly need them The proof is on the window of quest, showing that i rly selected the right option (spiritshot) Someone know if the part 2 and 3 of this quest is bugged too? So to get spiritshots, I have to choose Soulshots option?
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