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  1. My class is summoner and even if I don't use pet as, my ponny still killing like a beast, no stop, ncsoft just need to check the drop rate for the rest of the map zone they didn't fix, the price for as are fine, I can use the cubic without any problem , I recover that invest adena on it, and spirit sharing for sure you can get the adena back. The ppl now just cry without reason. The summoner is one of the best classes to farm without expend adena, you should know that already, if you are a summoner.
  2. Can be the route going to the server, if one jump is laggy, you can get lag\disconnect , and still be no a server problem.
  3. I try to find the loading screen with that tip, but didn't appear to me, bad lucky, i guess xD, i wanna know how many levels can i delevel without loss skills, hehe
  4. Hi, someone knows if i lose skill level when i delevel?
  5. Another thing , how this guy know who report him? the report appears to the bot when it's done? Imagine just 2 or 3 guys do a report and he accuse to the entire party, i imagine the administrators can take a look inside the logs, but the same they report , he's reporting them as well, so, the same hammer should be for all, right?
  6. The thing is, if someone hit this guy, and he is doing aoe, he's not damaging the player but the mob, and shouldn't be like that, if there is a flag player and you do aoe, you should hit him as well, instead you allow this kind of players to screw the aoe group, because someone need to pk this guy, so, you are allowing his behaviour. I don't think the report is the solution, but the guy need a touch as well. Sorry if my english is not correct as should be, but i'm trying to write my point of view.
  7. The ppl said there is too much complaining or cry about the exp/drop, they should take a look what about on dion mobs.
  8. I have a question, after get the chronicle pack and activate, when you use the vip scroll you have 30 days of vip level 3, on the remaining vip coins there is 660 points used. That means i have another 30 days next month or i have to buy 660 nc coins before finish this month? Thanks guys!
  9. Did you activate your chronicle pack ? you need to login on the website, go to NC Coin, then to Lineage 2, and activate.
  10. I remember to exp more faster in skelth than here, and here i have vip 3 + 50% exp...
  11. The client update will start before the maintenance? There it will be plenty of users updating and not all of them have fiber to download before the server start. @Juji
  12. Thanks Juji for the answer!
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