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  1. yeah well happens when you gotta help the slackers. but no more , thats why im making this post , thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify this.
  2. Hey there , some ppl from my party quit/ went inactive and cannot keep up with no life , so im searching for a clan or a group of players to merge , we are running mage party so far. 27-30 lvl. Pm me here or on discord Shadeslayer#9645
  3. OL char exists , nuker gotta be his own. Talking Island. pm me here Shadeslayer#9645
  4. also you should write what you expect from the clan / cp and what can they expect from you. give it some sauce.
  5. LF side pm if you plan on competing since start.
  6. what a bait "all characters on account" as if by having 1 on TI and 1 on giran would damage their income . but very nicely made lmao.
  7. didn't check , but it would suck if they don't do that .
  8. Hello , I am wondering if the packs affect just one server . For example , if I make a character on talking island and play for some time , can I not make another character on Giran if I find it more suitable to my taste and have the goodies for one character over there aswell ? Does it work like that ? I believe it will help to keep the population healthy on both servers long term. @Hime @Juji
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