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  1. Yeah, they messed it up so bad. i played many games and many server, but i cant remember any other game/server where so many things went wrong. The launch delay of 11 hours? or 9 what was it... the drop rate that they forgot to talk about, the bugs and all that crap, queueing, even if u are in CP, some guy gets disconnected for any reason, they cant get back it. No chance... But honestly i dont think its unplayable for solo players, coz ppl are looking for parties all the time. At least for AOEs i see shouts always.
  2. The rates will be increased, it might take a while, but eventually they will increase them, cant just leave like this. In korea they increased them after some time too. But thats what im saying: do they increase the rates before or after majority of ppl lave?
  3. Ill stay no matter what. It works in CP, pretty slowly but it works.
  4. Aden server 1900 players, not empty anymore. First day it was kinda empty, but not after that. And it will go up to 3k easily imo.
  5. Cardano


    id check the wh or dimensional merchant
  6. Dont merge into this one, we are not talking about bugs. Adena rate is simply awful, not only at a few mobs.
  7. Saturday, i dont think there will be much activity from Juji or others.
  8. No, the majorityof ppl understands that these rates are awfully low And the minority comes to the forum to say that it should be left as it is.
  9. Have 2000 players each server pay VIP4 each month 16$ = 64,000$ / fn month not enough? some will spend more anyways maybe some want to use special fruit 24/7 yes But u think that every1 will buy the soulshots if u use 200,000 SSD in 1 month, u think ppl will buy all of that? 10,000 players * 200,000 SSD ? sometimes stop calculating profits dear ncsoft and look at reality.
  10. silver coins are not gamebreaking, and no dorfs are not murdered by the silver coins but by spoil chances being equal to 0 Whether i have buyers remorse has nothing to do with this issue. And even tho i have (who wouldnt regret buying into this?) if theymake some changes, than this might be sustainable in the long run
  11. WHAT MATERIALS BRO???? 23 LVLS I DIDNT EARN 50 SILVER COINS!!! TO BUY CHEAPEST THING FOR SILVER COINS THAT COSTS A 100 OF THEM, AND GIVES LIKE 100 STEM CAN U OPEN UR FN EYES PLS? no, ncsoft plan is different. They created a new p2w game. They dont buff the players that pay money and purchase: they just nerf every1 to the ground who dont pay And if u use soulshots becoz of that you are 2x stronger than any1 who doesnt pay, coz they cant afford it Thats the real pay2win and it even tricked me i didnt recognise it until now. You say p2w u expect to see like we
  12. Yes, altho here even if u buy something or spend a lot of money u are still useless A quest novice weapon is still a quest novice weapon
  13. ++++ Open your eyes people and NCSoft! You have an almost unprecedented (on english servers) opportunity 5k+ players on TI 4k+ on giran and like 700 on aden yesterday night. If u do nothing, you will have altogether 2k players. Up to u...
  14. This is not L2 Classic It might be similar to the old "classical" L2 server, but its not L2 Classic. This is not what i expected. And no i dont wanna keep doing the stupid quest with spiders, it is not fun, it doesnt make sense, i dont wanna delevel my char just to keep doing it, and i also dont wanna play alts to make the quest. I wanna progress forward with my main.
  15. I like it, most ppl are normal 58% say it should be increased to normal levels. 28% says no 14% says incraese just a tiny bit So 72% says needs increase, great thanks most ppl.
  16. We need to make selective drop rates for each person. Who says its fine, leave it like that for them, enjoy nostalgia. For ppl who think it should be higher, increase it.
  17. You wont get past lvl40 Homestly with these rates who will? 1 or 2 top parties who know what is the best strategy for 1.0 korean l2 If things dont change in 1 month ull see sub 1k online im calling it.
  18. Ill give it some time. But honestly: the only way u can upgrade your weapon of your main character is by creating newer and newer altchars, coz they get some gear and shots, and low lvl mobs are possible to kill. Maybe going 9man and hitting without soulshots...but even then just see the damage of a 16k adena ng weapon (one from quest). What it does on lvl20+ mobs? Scractchin their back. Id say give it time until next maintenance, the first real opportunity for things to get fixed. They have to change it eventually, or ppl will keep making new alts to farm adena An
  19. The closest chance is the next maintenance.... long time Noticed how we didnt get the 2GB patch? This to me seems like unfinished job @Juji @Hime any news pls?
  20. IF THE ONLY THING U CAN SAY IS *** LIKE: - "dont like it here u can leave" back to skelth and "stop crying start playing" and all that trash then LEAVE THIS TOPIC RIGHT NOW FFS keep ur advice i dont need it, i wish i could just block all of these ppl with commets like that
  21. Just as a note, even if u triple the andena rate we might just breakeven to afford shots
  22. You talking like you are some important person, i dont see any sort of "GM" next to your name, no mod rank or anything. Pretty sure i can get an answer. (at least i gotta try)
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