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  1. Many other MMOs allow this kind of software, WoW, ArcheAge, EQ2, etc.
  2. It doesn't ruin those classes because an active healer/buffer will play 100x better than some dude boxing them.
  3. I saw other people had this problem. I think you may need to email support with your account name and order information so that they can apply the purchase.
  4. What's the link to see server populations? I forgot to bookmark it.
  5. I thought hotkeynet was blocked from editing the windows by xigncode.
  6. Create two directories, one for your main client/window and the other for low res windows.
  7. I just finished it. Party up and spam next target attack macro. Took me about 20-30 min for each section.
  8. It works 3 clients 3 separate accounts.
  9. Whites shouldn't drop but reds should have a chance to drop.
  10. What do silver coins do? I'm going to stay at VIP 2 unless I can get some sweet azz loot with those.
  11. -4 is perfect for east coast USA and S.America, but sucks for west coast USA.
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