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  1. PK Festival - 85 to 105 zones

    To all the ppl saying "stop crying and fight", if you get 1 or 2 shot by someone way higher lvl you simply have no way. Even if not on macro you won't be able. For example i have a macro for 4 known pk'ers which i have as toggle. I simply hide/soe and wait a bit. That's the only solution right now. And i would like to see how the "just fight em / it's part of l2 players react if some top geared 110++ players go around 1 shotting you permanently at Tanor/FoS/AI/Sel Mahum or Breka... It is the same what happens for PI Zone where the top dogs try to lock it down. Just that these lame pk'ers do it on low zones because they failed to progress on the game.
  2. Incoming PK System

    Bring old Sin Eater Quest + Item Drop back and the old karma system. I mean pking some1 and killing 1-2 mobs to be clean again is a joke.
  3. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    What is going on these days? Again Mass DC and now when i start the launcher it's endless loading, or says i should check my connection or i finally get to choose my account and enter pw. If i do so, then nothing happens.... Says "login failed" try again later.