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  1. TvT's

    Thats more or less the point, because you are dropped to each side randomly and it would be much harder to group via discord being on the wrong side, making it more fair for most players. Ofcourse there will be some lucky ones who are with their friends on a team, but it wont be CP vs CP making it almost impossible for entire teams to combat. ---And the server was L2 Relapse, you pt when you get into the battlefield it was all random and pretty fun. Made it impossible to choose your side which i liked, got to kill my own clannies for the winning pot lol theres no mercy when the price is decent
  2. TvT's

    Team Vs Team event every hour would be pretty cool, Ceremony of Chaos is kind of cheesy i feel like it reminds me more of a mobile mmo...with somthing like 100 v 100 team events you could have people making parties and having nice game plans. All players could be placed randomly on each sides so theres no teaming up before hand, and good enough rewards to where people WANT to win and wouldnt feed all their friends. Red team Vs Blue team for example - first to 500 kills wins maybe? It was similar on another illegal server i played and there was loads of competition and active fun. Medalions were aqquired for whatever side won the match and they could be used in the NPC in town for items/consumeables.
  3. Color titles

    I think the Color titles should be based off of a PvP count system. Like brown 0-100 kills, yellow 101-200 kills, blue 201-300 kills etc... It made the private server i used to play on pretty exciting, you see someone with certain colors and start to worry