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  1. I had worked with community support for years and I understand how hard it is for both sides. NCSoft probably is focusing on their FY19 (Fiscal Year) and trying to get more profit with the investment of the game. As I've seen, they need to discuss with NCSoft Korea about new releases and these stuff takes time. Unfortunately, a bit of transparency is missing from the community management informing the progress of next steps. I hope you guys look after this carefully because it's notable the reduction of players after their lvl's 40+ (Right! It's understandable as they just came here thin
  2. I'm gonna open a refund request on Paypal, honestly. I can't believe you are like that I would expect more about you guys, NCsoft could provide a better feedback about these issues and not let players/customers without any kind of support. After years waiting for this game, why didn't you open an open/closed BETA test for players verify? I Imagine your FY19 results getting better after this launch. However how disappointed I am after this mess. I really expect that many things will be fixed after next restart and YOU HOPE you guys provide a better feedback though. If not, rip
  3. I understand your concern about this technical issue. But please RELEASE the new patch notes. Here you have players, people who paid and dedicated hours of efforts and take this for consideration!
  4. I've been playing Lineage 2 since 2005 and the game teaches me how many efforts we need to do, crafting, levelling..even keep the friendship with people for years. Then I can't really understand the mind of some people here. Auto pick man?! Please! It's a classic server and the staff are considering so many aspects to improve the game, as far as we know their aim is getting profit with VIP system etc. I will not complain about that. Lineage 2 at the end of the day for NCSoft is just more one of their business and everyone's know. Considering auto pick for normal or whatever they are it's unfai
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