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Banning the wrong people is pretty much killing server population.


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Hey NCSoft West dev's. Thank you for banning the wrong people, whatever algorithm you are using to detecting 'bots' seems to giving out false positives. You are successfully killing the player-base on this server, at the same time the bots that are farming Ivory tower, cruma tower, execution grounds, FoE are still there and they still haven't been banned yet. We know you don't have active GM's. The program you have in place for detecting anomalies sucks. 

Lets give an example here:

My main account was banned yesterday for 'third-party programs' while in party with my other 2 boxes. I was running 3 accounts on 1 computer which is legal 'boxing'. If my main account was flagged, how come my other 2 accounts that i was running in the same party were not flagged or banned as well?  

Where is the logic behind that? I paid for the VIP status to support the game, and I just get banned for it lol.

There are other post's here that can relate that players have been banned for no reason. And when you file a ticket they give you no reason to explain why you got banned other then the usual "Heres a link to the user agreements we are sticking with this action". 


Thanks for the memories L2, this game in my opinion still has the best open world mass pvp then any other game including world of warcraft (+ castle sieges). It's just the company that is currently managing it, are terrible. They don't have active GM's like they used to do it. They have automated the process of detecting 'bots or 'anomalies' and they have been punishing the wrong players.


Thanks for the fun NCWest, after 2 months of rejoining the hype, I finally have a reason not to play anymore because getting to lvl 40 takes about 4-5 weeks. Going to invest that time somewhere else.

My advice is if you get banned, Please don't bother creating another account to support this game. Server population went from peak 5k to 4000-4500k , I wont be surprised in 6 months it will be 3000-3500k lol. Thanks for banning the good players though. I miss the days when a GM messaged you lol, they dont have that in l2classic.


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