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Guide to up 40-85 ? Location

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Any one of the following

  • 783 Level 3 fortune pockets
  • expertise rune (r-grade or above with equipment) buff and go straight to dragon valley, 80-85 could try Alter of Evil or stay dragon valley 2-3 hours total 40-85
  • use given paulina gear and go to wall of argos, then Varka silenos (do quest), then dragon valley
  • use given paulina gear, open map, go to areas listed in hunting zones, find the area and xp you like by visiting that list do the question mark quests when available.

Also (if your actively playing) get a mentor that will be online while you play.  You get xp from mobs much higher than you, so if your looking for faster xp use one of the first 3 in the list in order faster to slower.

If you asking for locations intended for specific level ranges like 40-45 45-50 50-55 etc, that is what the map is for.... no "written guide" needed use that last option stated in the list...

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dddf    0

follow the kekropus letters quest should guide you through 85

or kill bunch of raid boss corresponding to your level with afew players

if you have lvl85 friend after 76 go to bloody swampland in dark elf village or silent valley in aden

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