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lf a CP {Aden}


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Hi guys!

I'm planning to start here (moving from eastern l2).
I'm rather a support player than a DD. No matter what support exactly, it could be a sws, bp, tank or whatever. 
The thing is, all my friends decided to stay on our prev server, so I'm looking for a new group now. English speaking group with TS (or another v communicator), prime around 18:00-24:00 (GMT-8).

I'm far from being a lazy player ;-).
My goal is to have tons of pvp and fun like in old times.
I don't mind struggling, I don't mind facing stronger opponents or being hunted :v.  I just want to have fun ;-).
Most of my entire l2 career (11+ years) I've been playing healers. But not only, so.. whatever would be needed, I can cover the class.

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