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Dear Diary : Aden Active Lore


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Dear Diary,  

Today I felt the power under the skin of my fingertips. Delicate tingling, like the stream of magic flowing through my veins. I literally felt the moment of grabbing my own destiny by its hand, it looked deep in my eyes, waiting for me to take direction - and we moved, opened a totally new chapter of my life, the first one where the real adventure starts!

I was transferred to Gludio, the city of opportunities! It's way smaller then Gludin, but don't let it fool you! The city lives, and its heartbeat is a piece of mesmerizing music.

My new home seems to be a very small village adjacent to the town, where Lord of the Legendary Clan settled. In fact, he is my new warden. And I couldn't have asked for more! First days and I was already invited to take part in the most important event in the entire Elmoreden. It was amazing! Scary and dangerous yet fruitful. On the battlefield, I learned more than during years spent on reading boring books... I wish Father Layan of Gludin Temple could read this! Damn old bore! The true fabric of life lies on the battlefield, not in the libraries! And I knew it!









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