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Lf clan or grp [Aden I guess]


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Like everyone else around here I'm diving into Lineage Classic as an adult with afull time job, but time to kill in the evening. (no kids and an understanding wife)

I never ever played this game before. I was way too involved in EQ and the raiding scene there. (even long after it lost it's luster- DoD ugh). I've tried various MMO's over the years trying to find that right mix of things that pulled me into EQ. The slow hard leveling that made being max level an accomplishment. The minimal gear upgrades that made each new piece feel like it was sweeeeeet. Unfortunately the only thing that I've found was the p99 EQ thing, which doesn't have the same luster as it did. I decided to try Lineage 2 as my roommate in college swore by it. While I was raiding EQ he was doing this. I'm a week or so in and I must say, he was onto something. It appears to be very similar with a little more focus on grinding than camping, which is good.

I've gotten a DE up to 28 and am planning to pursue the tank role as I hear there is demand, and that has always been the role I played in MMO. Sadly, this has been solo exclusively as I haven't had much luck finding folks to group. The groups of people hunting in Orc Barracks and abandoned camp appear to be non-responsive and doing their own thing when messaged. I'm looking for a clan/guild or group of folks to both level with and pursue end game content. Sieges and raids seem badass on here.

I realize I am a bit late to this cool classic party, but wanted to reach out on here and see if anyone was looking. I would consider moving to a more active server, but sort of want to stay on Aden because I'm 28 levels in and some dude handed me a cool D weapon and said "eff this I quit this dumb game." It's sooo significantly better than the silly sword I got in the beginning.  In game name is Branlaill and I do have discord.


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