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wtt giran server items to chronos

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uqurcan    0

Im give classic giran server 

+1 grater pata fist 

4 parts plated leather set

+2 strom*strom dualsword

3kk only adena 


offer me chronos item's or adena 

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smokeNtoke    0

I can't figure out any way that you or I don't get screwed in the process. One of us is gonna have to have trust, and be honorable enough to keep her/his word.

   Still this intrigues me, lets open a dialog and discuss this further. I'm sure we can come to an agreement, where both parties are satisfied. Find me in giran l2 classic server: SlappysSe, Tolkii, xXxSlappyxXx, BuffsNstuff, and Smoki. Hope to hear from you, or any others, soon. Till then, I'll be grinding: mats for d crystals, exp, sp, adena, rbs, armor/weapon, mats/recipes, and bot reports.

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