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Elven Oracle/Elven Elder and Light Armor


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Hey everyone!

I would like to ask you what do you think about using light armor for a EO/EE.

Is it worth? Mainly i am thinkg about those cast speed from passive he got and mp recovery.

Tell me your opinion please.

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Well hello there.

The description of the skill may be somewhat misleading, so let me explain it.

The "Light Armor Mastery" grants you a significant increase to casting speed, attack speed and mp regeneration, that's true. However you must remember, that before unlocking this skill, you would really cast spells slowly and have terrible mana regen while wearing anything else than robes (you only have bonuses to those specs while wearing a robe when you start as a mystic). The mastery allows you to nullify this disadvantage and bring the specs up to the level of the robe, but... not quite.

You see, even with Light Armor Mastery, your casting speed and mana regen will still be inferior to what you'll get in robes, on the other hand you will have higher armor rate which should increase your survivability. If you are playing solo (don't know how you would do so, playing a healer/support, but ok) or often on the frontline, you might be interested in extra protection (Light Armor). If you're more into teamplay and have dependable tanks and other frontline companions protecting you from harm, you want to boost your spellcasting abilities to fully realise your supporting potential (Robes).

Personally, I would be in favour of robes, because as a support you should always play with parties and it is not your role to soak the damage. Remember that even when you ocassionaly agro some mobs, you also have some crowd control abilities on your disposal, like "Sleep". If you're dying too much, in all honesty, you should rather change your companions than make up for their incompetence by wearing heavier armor.

I hope I helped ;)

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