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WTB Greater Jove,Elmore+18,Fists+20-24


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WTB Great Jove ( lvl 6)  Mail me mail with payment to DyfRee

Ametyst lvl6 = 160kkk

Obsidian lvl6 = 160kkk

Opal lvl 6= 130kkk

Emerald lvl 6=120kkk

Garnet lvl 6=120kkk

WTT Ruby lvl 6 to Amethyst lvl 6 or Obsidian lvl 6 or Tanzanit lvl 6

WTB Bloody/Dark fists +20--------24 = 250kkk ---------- 500kkk

WTB Elmore cloak +15+ 2x 7,5% p.crit dmg=90kkk // Elmore cloak+18+2x7,5% p crit dmg=150kkk

Mail me mail with payment to DyfRee NAIA server

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