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Iv been locked without reason I want a answer


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Hello good afternoon last night at 1.30 midnight i was For raidbosses with clans and when the run finish i go aden and i say its time for fishing and so i buy what need to fishing and i let them to ADen binnos-Nephealm and   let them  after i  was afk from lineage because evryone know that fishing is auto  so   after this i playing Cs counter strike with my friends because i was waiting if i go for bosses with my low player that one is not locked its on ????? and went i enter the game again from the windonw again  he disconnect me and when i type my username to enter again to Lineage say its Locked for activity ilegal suspicious Yeah Good job Ncsoft suspicious I let them for fishing and i was for RAID BOSS alla the   evening maybe i catch Mermaid in fishing or shark or whale what is that thinks ???  Serious company ??? 50 PEOPLE FROM MY CLAN THEY CANT BELIEVE AND MORE FROM DISCORD WE TALKING

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