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Looking for a PvP-PvE server


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Hello there,

i was registered to Naia since few years ago, 

i am now lv 79, mystic muse and looking for pvp and it's look like there is no pvp on Naia Server,



could you recommend me a server where pvp and pve are crossed ? Iam french.


Thanks to all !

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this is afk game now, make at least 3 people party or 6 people if you have 2 pc, then afk until some 103lvl , then there is some pvp and stuff to do.
I play 99% afk, once a day I look at my party to see if everyone is alive and if they have shots, then afk for another day, Quests are lame, instances are not rewarding, best strategy is just to afk farm.

And don't get me wrong, I love that it is afk game now, quests were lame already, instances were not rewarding already , you can just skip that boring stuff and just legit afk using loop macro.

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