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Bunch of ideas


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I have played this game a long time and just have a bunch of ideas. I like this game and want to keep playing it but it's getting increasingly difficult for normal players/new players. COC is difficult because top clans team up anyways for farm top stones, rulers belt. Merchants are watched 24hrs a day and you get pk all time even being in the area. Hardly any drops in istina/octavis/tauti/even epic ones. Dragons are a joke to get in to help gear up. Most higher level mobs don't even drop full items at all. Solo 103+ mob and get 80k adena lol. Can't touch raid boss's so forget that. And so on blah blah...

So maybe random team coc like previously stated (maybe higher chance same clan ppl put in other parties), just take away merchants because +12 pvp set, full epics, +20 dark weap, 105 ppl only kill anyways or pk u trying (like they need it more and u in normal +8 set don't lol), increase adena all around all mobs because people who want/need adena will either quit/never progress and eventually quit/or rmt anyways, maybe just make in store adena to buy like 400 ncoin=400 million adena (people sell ncoin anyways so who cares), make possible buy character up 99 lvl 1600 ncoin/101lvl 8000ncoin (let's be honest most action now is 101+), increase drops on all boss's with guarantee like (bear/bewr and something else), put chance of full drop on more mobs, make random spawn elite mobs in all zones with higher hp/adena drop/chance of item, make clan mini dragon that can be done every 2 weeks with random dragon or some boss for lvl 11 clans and need same chars to enter(but no fragment or claw obviously and less drops), make permanent red libra with anything done with ncoin because people will pay, maybe have a random rotating permanent store in game like (jewels, shirts, cloaks, etc..) sometimes it's too long to wait between then do store promo with decrease prices and better promo, update hero coin rewards they are out of whack, update l2 store packs with better items too much junk that's useless. This is is a start to some ideas I have but if you notice most my ideas involve you making money and we keeping players and helping lvl up and catch in gear. The biggest problem in this game is gear gap. It's too expensive to try and level playing field so people quit. Top players lf PVP all time but no one to play(250k hit=no fun). They will keep being greedy and taking all items while the rest suffer. We just need better ways to help lower people, new people etc...

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