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Can't decide what Char to play


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Hey guys! I've played la2 back in 2005-2008 or so.

I played main dwarf and archer as a noob, Nerco when I got a bit more experienced, SE when I was a clan leader(God, never again!) and Spellsinger and Tyrant when I got really good.

For PvE most pleasant experience I remember doing 3 person party with BD and Tyrant 68+ on Bizon + Zeal under 30% HP - insane stuff!

For PvP back then with my spellsinger I played very competitively with intense focus, but nowdays I just want to chill and relax. Some light fun PvP here and there, but nothing serious.

So competitive PvP with Olympiad is NOT the goal this time around. (I truly hope so :D)


So I can't decide what I should play: Spellsinger, Spellhowler or Tyrant or possibly Bishop/EE.

I feel that Spellsinger is heavily PvP oriented in my mind and is probably best at hit and run and at separating groups of people chasing after you and picking them one by one. 

But this time around competitive PvP and ganking that is not the goal here and PvE with SH is far more pleasant. Also I never really played SH, so that should be interesting.


Also Tyrant is probably my most favorite character all around but it's mind numbingly boring to level until lvl 68 (Bizon), so.. Not so sure I want to do that.

Finally I absolutely love healer gameplay in PvP (and PvE!), but with Bishop I worry that I won't be able to find party as everyone is with boxes nowdays.


What's your thoughts?

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