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Why Lineage 2 let bots exist ???


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I'm trying to figure out why you leave the  bots on the Giran server? I think 75% of the players from srv are bots ...... because I want to do a quest of 35 and I can not believe there are 100 mobs and 200 bots do not get to kill any mob Bots are new mobiles of Lineage 2 you have created the program ?? why have you on srv ?? Then do something else ...... take out quests as if people do not get mobs to do them Why Lineage2 does not let us enjoy the game ??? Why let bots play instead of real people? What do you win from this trick ??? I have more than 10 years since I played Lineage 2 ... but I'm starting to saturate the bots I can not compete with them so you're forcing me to leave i'm sorry if i bothered you a good day and if you want to answer me i would be very happy bye bye

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