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Building Archer CP [Giran]


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Hello dear all,


Looking to build an archer CP on Giran server. 

Interested in normal decent and mature people, willing to enjoy all aspects of the game, both pve and pvp.

Activity wise, we understand real life, that being said, we aim to play from Sunday to Thursday, from 8pm eastern European time until 11-12, with Friday and Saturday free. Of course, if you are willing, there will be people logging on those days as well.

We are currently looking for WC, BD, SWS, BP, EE 55+. Don't care that much about level, it can be obtained, we care more for activity and being decent person. We are all mature players with good knowledge of the game.

We use TS and discord (clan) and we will use either telegram or WhatsApp for CP communication. We will be playing within VaeVictis clan. 

Contact: you can either pm me on forums, or pm / mail ig on "Ares666 / "HanMi / "SoMuchHate / "Jmuc


Thank you all, gl&hf

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