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Some parts of current and future updates are good. But some of them just destructing game. I guess "Classic" it's time before GoD. HF and GF was good, and i'm waiting for kamaels.Auto macroses are good too, because now u can takes your hands free and playing from work.It's still very dangerous for full afk, u need check it. But.
No grades penalty - it's good for old players. They have A and B sets and can quickly get new twinks. For new player it's bad, they have a trouble if somebody in overboost items be near.
Free TP in battle - u need not bsoe anymore, its better. But its just uncomfortable to keep it open always. It's bad.
No accounts limit anymore? - if this not a bug, it's ruined the ecconomy - peoples, who can get 10+ 20+ 30+ windows just can farm too many adena, and prices go up.
Soulshot changes in nexp upd - with universal ss and without craft them (and without sell crystals to shop) - very big part of market will be lost.
Maybe any chances to make some voiting about delete or change some part of current and next update, and try to ask developers for some regional changes and make this servers great again?
sorry for bad english

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