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Some changes that should be done


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I wonder why a clan needs the same points to lvl up...........ppl cut in half why the points are the same......

How an npc asks you 9 billion adenas to upgrade an item when in 106 farming zones drops 5,000 adena per mob.....isnt that insane???

Iss dominator is not able to learn combine buffs..... Why is that is there a reason???

PK is now a big part/problem of the game cause is no penalty.....Why is that??? because NC cant fix the bug with the scam?????

The new SMART teleport sucks.... 1st is very expensive and 2nd even if you are in fight mode or pvp you can teleport

Why the grade penalty is lifted??? cause of the new armors and weapons????   Maybe it was too soon to add theese items in game??? 

All Events are nerfed. there is no way to win or earn something on an event if you dont spent a big amount of $$$$$. See oriana event tha it was free it was giving nothing it supposed to give a prize every hour and there were at least 8 hours a day with no reward

Enchantment system is low... you cant spent 1000 scrolls and not be able to make a +8 part

Drop rate on instances are 0. Is insane to kill an epic boss like octavis ot tauti and have 0 drops or just 1 modify armor scrol...... You cant ask for a minimum 14 ppl to go there and fight and drop nothing

These are my thoughts .... maybe i am wrong on some or everything but thats how i feel. 



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