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Issue Report - Red's Elysium Blessing should give 50% XP bonus

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Hi, Red's Elysium Blessing should give 50% XP bonus too

Buff description from official Lineage2 page:

Sells Red's Elysium Blessing that lasts for 4 hours for 5,000,000 Adena. Can be purchased once a day.

For 4 hours, increases Max HP/MP/CP by 30%, P. Atk. by 20%, M. Atk. by 30%, P. Def./M. Def. by 30%, Atk./Casting Spd. by 10%, Speed by 20, Attack Attribute by 100, and decrease Skill MP Consumption by 15%.

Additionally, increases bonus XP/SP by 50%. Buff persists after death but is deleted upon entering the Olympiad/Ceremony of Chaos.


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