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Some issues after the Kamael Update...


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Good evening.

We discovered some issues after this update:

- Cancel skill was seriously nerfed: after the update, the skill was become useless. Neither on Player, or Boss, or even mob was affected. As a result, enemies comes with low level char to full buff Boss and none type of cancel can revert the situation. In other words, it's become Immortal every 20 minutes.

According to dspatch notes, which is " Edited the 'Cancel’ and 'Steal Divinity' skill tooltips to guide that the skills apply ‘with a certain chance’.

but to tell the truth, this "certain chance" was slightly altered to absolute impossible or none chance at all.  Even a level 80 player can't debuff a single level 75 player with low m.def, or even lv 75 boss
Tested with SpellSinger "Cancel" and Hell Knight "Panther Cancel"


- All debuffs was seriously nerfed: likewise the "cancel", all type of raid Boss and players was become almost immune to some debuffs like "p.atk/p.def/m.def/ atk.speed debuffs regardless the caster level on the target's . The odd part is none of these errors was noticed before the update came in.


So please, I ask to consider review those bugs because is directly interfering on main gameplay.




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