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after getting a new modem from internet provider my game client keeps DC... on both my pc. one is windows 7 one is windows 10. anyone have any idea on a fix or cause of this DC. im having no issues with the internet itself. i streamed to test.

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Try a DNS flush , sometimes when your disconnecting you need to flush the DNS cache.

ipconfig /flushdns            <------ type that line in the windows command line box., you know the black screen box,  

Either that or sometimes your ping can be too high and you will DC.

Your firewall can cause you to DC as well when your PC send a ping to the server or visa versa to see that your still connected , some firewalls block incoming or out going pings depending on the settings , Zone alarm  was a classic for this but if your using just the basic Windows firewall without altering the settings then this will not be a problem, if my PC is put into sleep mode , it will DC the game from the server.



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