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Thoughts about unlimited client log and events


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Hi guys. First of all we all know what causing latency I think I posted it a while ago but I will try to repeat.. going for the unlimited client use we all knew thats going to be abused by some people that keep creating more and more accounts I mean thats what causing the latency because there are people literaly loging in 20+ accounts so of course you will be getting latency and lags. I think it should be back to 3 clients per a pc so we wont be having such latency and lags. I might be wrong on this one just what I think about this whole situation.

Secondly I want to talk about the event. In my mind everything like letter drops and dragon shirts should be able to trade. This way players that just start this game can make some adena and this way they wont get stuck on gear once they hit 103+

So let me know what you guys think about it. Tell me if you agree or you dont agree and maybe you have a better idea I would be glad to hear and read from you guys.HF and GL.

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