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whi make players leave the game!!


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I am a player of lineage2 For many years .... that game hold me for hours ... so I came to classic to remember the old time .....but while it all started great  so soon our ncsoft is crashing .......and kick players....with her actions..1: pay to win items in the shop crowded a lot of people and left the server....... something the company could change ...a fair proposition would be for NCSOFT to make money but for us to have the people to propel the game would be to make premium players ....That is, who wants to get more statistics to make the acc premium ... and that ends every month...+ vip and make the gameplay easier and premium price cheap for all users ...10Euro or 10 dolars is the best!!!the itemes he put in the shop were there for everyone in the game and made ...
2:we all went up to 78 +++ levels in a short time ... okay but then you don't have any areas to go exp ... collect items -make good spoil.... It's all counted on the fingers of one hand .. which stops a lot of people .... eg when you go wal of agros and don't drop adena stones to upload attributes how do i develop player ??? In this I would suggest new areas for 78 +++ with adena, drop items, and spoil items more than now  3 expected we would ever get A grade but the way to get unsealed is very difficult as unplayable for poles ... so they go ....3.....we were expecting ever to get A grade but the way to get unsealed is very difficult as it is not polished players ... that's why they are leaving ....4 pk ok the evil is gone .... not enough areas to have a few exp and you have pk all the time to kill you ... you should have over a pk limit my character can do anything .. or when the auto next target option is enabled dont make hit pk char .....this keep more players on the game .....5 suport class a gaming problem that has been around for years .... most players want to play damage dealers but dps suport doesn't do anything ... A good idea would be for any suport (bd sws elders bishop war cry overlord)that will be at the party to pass the party an extra possibility of 1% life or accuracy or any other statistic .. they become even more useful and make the players go to those types of characters ...6 pvp a thing that doesn't exist ... as long as the game is based on auto nex target ... it would be good to give pvp 1 a list of the best pvp players of servers .... and create a area that playing pvp and gaining points ...this will get players to work and level up and make better items....it would keep people here for a long time .7.events are good but not competitive !!! That is, if the event forced you to make an item that you need to work on and make it look like you might need to spoil and drop and (you can't trade in a single player)give to npc and get a reward .or... the pvp event a great reward for any level depending on the position you are going to take !... hope the community will see them and have a good chat ... you invite game managers to listen to our opinions to keep a game we love strong ....

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