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Hello, I have been playing this game for a short time, one thing have noticed is how much things are in game. Things you NEED to play are not there and leaves you limited and unable to finish quests you may have or dailies,  More quest would be nice too and Markers on the quest Givers would be very helpful to everyone.  I have many characters 2 on each of 3 servers, the live one is one of them. the 15 Day weapon is now gone and the drops of the Game Funds are Slim if not there at all.  So if to go farther int o the game have to step backwards to be able to at least Battle with the Starter weapons, and a Skin on a weapon does not Enhance the Stats of said weapon, just makes it look pretty.  Make getting Craft Parts cost less and use less too. This would be good for everyone. Oh and add a Report Button for Gold Sellers, or is it they are there to make Game play better??  Gold sellers are bad for games they Break the  Economy.

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