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Lvling for supporters and make L2 more social

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My take on This- "Excuse my english"

1- I agree that the current state of L2 has made difficult for support classes to lvl up, i`ve never been a support class, started as tyrr and went to yull, I like DD, But I also have to agree that the farming situation is going as follow: Start with party, gear up so you can farm with pt (Iss+dd+tank), gear and lvl more to make new pt (DD + ISS) ,a end up with (DD) only and autobuff, and this is because the game asks you to lvl up as fast as possible

2- Been a supporter with CP: I have my CP, it always was a pvp cp (2heal, tank, iss, dds), but the pvp is scarce nowadays, we do some daily where an active tank sometimes is necessary, iss usually isn`t, Some ppl will say that tank is still necessary for istances and that`s true, but when dailies are over, if you are tank, healer or iss main, you can`t leave them to farm alone like DDs do, so if you are a supporter you have to lvl up and gear dds, because even If i`m in a cp, I`m dd and sometimes i tell them to farm with me over the night but usually don`t do it, cause xp is currency these days

3- Possible solutions: This is my thought, and most probably won`t agree but hear me out, Don`t increase the diffulty of mobs to force ppl to make pts, increase the xp bonus with each party member, maybe even the adena a little, don`t decrease it, That way people will try to make pt for higher zones and we`ll stop seeing 107+ in zones 101 to 103+,that way ppl will invite tanks, healers, iss, even if it`s box, that way ppl with main supporter will get invited too.

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