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Getting back after almost 3 years

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Hey everyone :)

Recently i decided to get back to game I used to love very much, but haven't played for around 3 years.

Got some cash on my toon, but lacking pretty much everything, starting with what to do?

So far i've done "tarta" i believe (npc in gludio) quest, and finished some dual classes npcs quest in Aden.

Where to head next? are there any valiuable instances/dayiles etc?


Thanks up front for any help :)


P.s. plz skip on telling me not to start again, p2w blah blah blah, i know that, it was like that back then, and its still now :) I'm just looking for some pve fun to let some steam off.



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Leave, just like everyone who values their time.

I started anew after a decade and completing any of the tasks is nigh impossible cause of the ridiculous bot-infestation, all of the necessary locations are in a deadlock cause the criteria is handled so, so very poorly.

Just go to superior servers with superior rates where you can actually enjoy the game. I can recommend you a few ones in PM.

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