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some advice for who slept 10 years


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Hi guys,

I am a returning player, I read (and saw) around that a lot has changed (despite the "classic" tag).
I am not sure I will like it or not, but just in case I will stay longer than expected, I would like to ask a few questions:

1. was the manor system removed completely? or is there something else similar?

2. does it still make sense to craft equipment? or is it way easier to buy it (for Adena)? I was used to having personal crafter and spoiler, are these classes still useful?

3. what is the best equipment upgrade sequence? I was used to going up to level 40, then get top C-grade, and wait for top A-grade, does such a strategy still make sense?

4. what happened to the jewel bosses? what are the dolls (LOL)?

5. I can't teleport to some locations which once were accessible through the gatekeeper (e.g. ruins of despair), am I missing something?

6. Overall, I think there are some cool changes, but also big misses in this new interpretation of the word "classic", is there any old player (2010-2012) that found this new way of playing nice?

7. Last, is there a way to have the old fashioned "system chat" on top of the normal chat?

Hope to get some replies :D


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Like you I was an old player returning and found the community less than helpful. How the game has changed :(.

1. Yes, as far as I know the Manor System is gone. Nothing similar seems to exist.

2. In my opinion it is better to buy your gear than craft. I made a crafter as well and found it mostly useless. I've only used it to crush my full drops. I don't know about spoiler.

3. Use the D grade from quest until you can afford B grade, there is NO grade penalty anymore so get it as soon as you can. From B you can decide on A or push for S.

4. Boss jewels still exist but now they are low grade and you have to risk enchanting them to get full effects. The dolls serve a similar function and just stay in your inventory.

5. The teleport system sucks, some areas you just have to run to like the old days.

6. I'm from an older era than that 2003-2009ish, its a different game, asking for help, party with randoms, just doesn't happen anymore. you'll need to make your own party and auto hunt.

7. Nope, just another thing they took away for no particular reason.

If i can help you in anyway my main is RazerAddict on Talking Island server. Send me a mail as I'm sometimes afk.

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what would you estimate the ratio of actual players to farmers/bots these days? 1 out of 50? 1 out of 100?  Its been at least 10 years since i played.  I started when Lin1 Was Shut down.  I quit because there were at least 10 times more farmers than there were players.  I cant find anywhere to hunt without running into 100  automated guys named oh56180 or something similar.

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