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[Suggest] New Modern Cool Giant Colored Cosmetics, & New Giant Cosmetics NPC.


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New Modern Cool Giant Colored Cosmetics, & New Giant Cosmetics NPC :


1a. New Modern Cool Giant Colored Cosmetics :
New Giant Colored Outfits (2.3 Meter Height),
New Giant Colored Weapons (Big Ones),
New Giant Colored Masks.

1b. New Modern Cool Giant Colored Outfits :
Dark Night Outfit, White Night Outfit, Giant Outfit, Ghost Outfit, Goblin Outfit, Wolf Outfit, Troll Outfit, Drunken Master Outfit, White Assassin Outfit, Vampire Outfit, School Outfit, Christmas Outfit, Samurai Outfit, Etc.

1c. New Modern Cool Giant Cosmetics Colors :
Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Orange, Grey, White, Black, Per : Armor/Weapon/Mask.

1a, 1b, 1c : Only For Armors, & Weapons & Masks : Grade R99 & Up.


New Giant Cosmetics NPC :


2a. New Giant Cosmetics NPC : So to Buy : Any Giant Outfit, Any Giant Weapon, & Any Giant Mask.
2b. New Giant Cosmetics NPC : Will be able to change the Character Size, to Bigger size : Max Height 2.3 Meter, & to change : Skin Color, Hair Color, Hair Style, & Eyes Color.
2c. New Giant Cosmetics NPC : 1. Buy with NC Coins, 2. Buy with Adena & with the New R-G-B Stones (Red 50%, Blue 60%, Green 70%).


Hope you like it (3). By TH1/Xverse. Thanks.

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