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Great Burst Casting / Burst Casting FEOH

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i Would like to sher a bug regarding Great Burst Casting / Burst Casting on Feoh Classes. So, This 2 skills have shared reuse time. This means that, if u use either of them, the reuse will be up on the other as well. Now, acording to logic, Why would some1 want to use the old one instead of the improved one? now, there are 2 possible bug's here:

- firstly, why not the improved version "Great Burst Casting" simply replace the old version of it "Burst Casting"

- secondly, if it's not replaceing,and it's still here, it probably means it should have separate reuse.

Think about it, yul has permanent 110 buff, i think we still have it cus' we're suposed to alternate them, old+new.

Any info on it? how is it suposed to be? how is it on other regions? Juji?

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