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What happend to the Gaming Experience ? What is this ?


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After a while I finally had some time in life to enjoy some good old MMORPG and I returned to the roots just to find out that the gameplay is SINGLE QUEST Driven with LVL UP Zones that are way too small to accomodate the amount of people on the server ... so I find my self in a CLOUD of wizards and witches that hit from far and hit hard making it impossible to even go through the first LVL25 QUEST ? The most annoying part is that all these characters (judging by the name) are there until maybe LVL30 and that would be it ... they will move on to something else. What is the point of having 15 Spawn Points ? What happend to the old classic where you have to explore, find your own quests, party up, work for your levels ... work for you gear, most characters are probably not even useful ... all I see is Mage Class running around, a couple of dwarfs ... I assume that people that I see with different character than Mages drop out around the same level as I am going to ... when they realize that this is not even engaging anymore :( 

What happend NC SOFT ? Is anyone even looking at the stats to see how long a character is live on a server ? Maybe I am just a bit old school but the last time I played I think was maybe 5-6 Years ago and I remember it leaning a litle bit more towards this genre ... but it was still quiet fun to play, still had to think a little bit and not be driven by a single quest that pretty much tells you what to do and where to go to get 5 levels. 

This being said, I know back in the days there was a lot of illegal servers out there - I have played in a few of them without paying too much attention to the legalities :) Question - Is it ok to build a illegal server my self ? Would it be possible to get the official game files and permission to mount a server of my own to play with some old school buddies of mine ? 

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