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I found Lineage 14 years ago...


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Hi dear NC,

I found Lineage 14 years ago... please take this in consideration.
All is about money, am I correct? With 3100 employees, you need to eat good food, and have good houses and good cars. Families must have a good life too. I can understand that.
But I wish you to have even better quality of life, but you must give your costumers the same quality and respect you want for yourselves.

All I dream about:

- Overall engine updates (You can leave the classic as it was in all aspects).
- Premium only , with paid game time and expansions (No Free to Play 100%, only a level cap with no time limit play).
- No Pay to Win shops (Vanity shop with experience boosters and so which everyone can have in game or events). No exclusive shop items for use in game.
- European servers with 100% NC management.
- No Multi Box, or Dual Box limit.
- A Report System that works for both sides, an updated anti bot/ hack system that gives you the power to ban, with public data about it every year or so.
- More effort on doing a good quality product, a finished an functional service and that includes launchers.
- More info about every change and update, not doing it without the costumers approval.
- Official merchandise in vanity shop with T-shirts and other stuff, like an Hatchling of Wind plush, or something epic like action figures/ statues.
- Lineage Eternal and Lineage 2 M with this in use, or at least not Pay to Win.

Well, I think you will do some of that in the next 2 years.
Do not be scared NC, you will be a loved company and the most financially powerful.
Revive Lineage 2, do not make 1 or 2 billions in a good year, make 3 billions every year.

I believe with all this profit you will make a Korean movie trilogy about the world of Aden and Elmore, and a book collection too, because you have the best Lore, Art and Music.

We love you Lineage.

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