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Let's share the methods we are using to optimize auto-hunting

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So, I thought about starting this topic and share what I've been using to optimize auto-hunting.

Use Case

To farm spellbooks in Enchanted Valley.


The item I need drops from a specific mob, in a corridor. Using long range on my auto-hunt will move me away from the correct spot every 10 minutes or so. Using short-range will eventually makes me stop hunting, as the mobs spawn far in between.


Move between two fixed points while having short-range selected in auto-hunt. As fixed points I'm using my servitor and a buffer. To move I have a macro toggled targeting them (/target x4 for the buffer, /target + short range heal skill for the servitor) every n  seconds.


So far so good, I have been able to successfully hunt 1 of the spellbooks I need, and reduce the amount of time idling while staying on the correct path.


This may not work if there's some geometry nearby. If you want to use your buffer to buff/heal you I recommend using /useskillstand so it remains on the same spot (or have a WC 😜).

Happy Hunting!

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