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Hello there. I have recently returned to Lineage 2 after years of absence , call it nostalgia. I always played melee classes but for some reason i decided not to this time , so i made an Archer , but to my surprise , from one of the most iconic classes and a power house it became a money sink to play and a useless class in general , being it PVE or PVP. ( I play on Aden Elcadia btw ). Why do they suck on PVE? Well , lets start with the costs of runing the class. Using Auto attacks cost mana ( Still ) and then there is the fact that auto attacks on archers crit once in a blue moon and they are now pure skill based with no ways of regenerating mana other that super expensive cash shop items that are super expensive with a super low chance of enchant. ( Nothing new for NCSOFT) so far. Beisdes that  there is the fact that every other class uses 1 SS or 1 BSS while archers use 2SS for each attack. ( An no , its not because they do more dmg , every mob in lineage has Melee weakness now. So melee classes do way more dmg than any other ranged class ). Lets talk about PVP now. Archers used to be a high dps low surivability class , wich was fine considering they had range and they could kite. And thats exactly where the problem is now. You cannot kite on archers anymore. The stun has a long cast time and a low success rate and every single Melee class in game has a Dash while archers have nothing. Its basicly a game of , lets see if i can shoot 1 or twice this time before i get mowed down by a light speed Titan , or when a DK pulls me. So yeah , R.I.P Archers. ( At least mages have life steal and ways to trade hp for mana in pve while for PVP the game doesn't offer as much M.def as it offers P.def. ) So they're still playable to some extent. If anyone has any advices or ideas that could help me enjoy the game a little more, i would appreciate them. Thank you for reading my rant.

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