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PK system


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How I would like to see the PK system returned to the game.


1. Reward the player that takes down a PKr, maybe by reward a bounty payout like 100k aden or some thing  les exploitable like a token that can be exchanged to an npc for common items or random item.

2. allow the PKr to keep their items, but remove XP and Level based off the number of PKs they have. 
     -1 to 5 pks you lose half your XP bar
    -6 to 10 pks you lose all xp on current xp bar
    -11 to 15 you lose one level per PK
    -16+ you lose 2 levels per PK
 This is provided the force PK issue has been fixed, that resulted in its removal.

3. Remove all form of travel for a PKr. Force them to only walk around not run, no scrolls or summoning or the UI fast travel. basically so they can’t hide or get away from other players. Delay PKr removal from the map for several seconds should the PKr try’s to logout.



or simply make the game good idk 🤷 


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