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Deatk Knight Beginner Guide


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Greetings All Since I couldn't find any DK guide anywhere, I decided to write here if anyone would advise me in the beginning. I decided to play DK class, I'm monetaryly at level 105 and I don't know what to focus on, I want to play mostly PVE build and focus on skill crit dmg, I ask, I have to collect things at skill critical rate, p.atack, or skill crit dmg? I read somewhere that I have to put everything into p.atack but I don't know if it gives DK a chance to skill crit rate: / Thank you in advance for the answer, I play this class for the first time and I'd rather ask who would advise me how play where to farm, before I mess up something in the beginning, I'll be happy for any advice, thank you.
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